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Dating and Other Awkward Situations April 18, 2012

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Dating and Other Awkward Situations

Here’s a poster I did for a comedy show in Chicago. They let me have total creative freedom on this project, and it made it that much more fun!


Emilina Sassperina Blog Design

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Emilina Sassperina Blog Design

Here’s a blog header I designed for blogger Emily Coovert for her blog, Emilina Sassperina, a blog about a healthy love for fashion, food, and being fabulous.


Oblio One Sheet April 14, 2010

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Oblio One Sheet for industry people. Two versions: Which do you like better?


Von Guarde Poster April 27, 2009

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Copyright 2008 Emily Spence

I made this about a year ago and I’m just now putting it up! Created in 2008. 


Wilkinson Insurance Logo

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finallogo_01_sm1Copyright 2009 Emily Spence

My friend from WKU needed a new logo for his family’s insurance company.  One of my requirements was that it had to look like a wax seal. Here is the result!


Oktoberfest Poster

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Copyright 2007 Emily Spence

I actually organized this festival as well!


Bell Cove Booking Business Card April 9, 2009

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Copyright 2009 Emily Spence

This is my new booking company business card. The card has a nice sparkly sheen to it!